Miles of Coins & St. Vincent de Paul Society

The ‘Miles of Coins’ initiative had been running now in St. Margaret’s for many years raising money for the parish, for SCIAF and for local charities.

There was around £8,000 in the fund at the start of May 2018, this has been divided between a local charity  ‘SeAscape’ – an Ayr charity which provides assistance and support to homeless people and advice to families and individuals threatened by homelessness – and SCIAF.

The amount placed in the ‘Miles for Coins’ box at the back of the Church had been steadily reducing in recent years and now seems the right time to bring this initiative to an end – with many thanks to all who have supported this.

While the ‘Mile of Coins’ comes to an end, there is still, sadly, a huge need for charity giving in Ayr, and nowhere is that seen more than in the demands being made on the services of our Society of St. Vincent de Paul, people are asking for help from them like never before, and this places a strain on their very limited resources. Some of you have been extremely generous towards their work, I have even heard that some of the members of the Society have dug deep into their own pockets when resources have been short, so now is the time for us all as a parish to start supporting them more.

The ‘Miles of Coins’ box has now been replaced by an ‘SVDP’ box and every penny you place in the box will be used by our SVDP to help those in our parish most in need.

Please support this noble cause if you are able to, and if you would like to join the SVDP and help them in their work you would be made most welcome.