We try to ensure our celebrations in Saint Margaret’s Cathedral are as accessible as possible.  As the Diocese of Galloway covers a very large geographic area we are now able to live stream events occurring in the Cathedral to ensure as many people as possible can join major celebrations.

As part of our commitment to ensure peoples privacy whilst visiting Saint Margaret’s Cathedral we take the following steps:

  • We publicise in advance Live Feeds on our website and where possible in printed material (such as Galloway Diocese News and RC Ayr Newsletter)
  • We provide areas of the Cathedral where no images that could identify an individual will be broadcast, these areas are:
    • Ground Floor: Pews at the right hand side of rear of the church, which are clearly marked by signage during live events.
    • First Floor: Pews situated directly behind the organ console, which are clearly marked by signage during live events.
  • We remind participants of the live broadcast during the opening remarks made by the principal celebrant.

You can find all of our upcoming and previous live feeds by visiting the following pages:

Upcoming Live Feeds

Advance Notice of Live Events

Previous Live Feeds