The windows found in the Sanctuary contrast sharply from the symbolic and modern windows found in the Nave. These Victorian windows have a strong gothic revival colour scheme and are pictorial by nature.

Behind the High Altar are four original stained glass windows dating from 1827. These windows depict, from left to right:

1) The Virgin Mary                    2) Jesus, The Good Shepherd                    3) Saint Joseph                    4) Saint Margaret of Scotland

Altar Furnishings

The Altar Furnishings were originally designed by AustinSmithLord Architects in 2000 with some minor changes in 2007 to reflect the change in status of the church.

The Bishops chair is known as The Cathedra. This is where the Bishop will sit when he presides at solemn functions. It was designed and crafted by Michael Mancini in 2007.

The Cross is originally from St Mary’s, Saltcoats. It was gifted to the Cathedral in the early part of the 2010’s. The sanctuary cross from 1970’s – 1990’s can be found in the confession room.