Dear friends,

Thank you for taking the time to come to find out more about our forthcoming Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our pilgrimage has two goals:

  • to provide you with the opportunity to walk prayerfully in the footsteps of Our Lord, and
  • to offer support and encouragement to our Christian brothers and sisters who live in the land of Jesus

Due to the hefty increase in airfares since the pandemic, and the poor US Dollar/Sterling exchange rate at the moment (all services in the Holy Land are priced in US Dollars), prices for pilgrimages have increased dramatically this year. In order to try and offset these increased costs as much as possible I am organising this pilgrimage slightly differently in the sense that we are not buying a ‘package’ from a UK based Tour Operator, instead I have arranged a ‘ground package’ with Laila Tours and Travel Ltd based in Bethlehem and I will then purchase individual flights for pilgrims at the time I receive their completed Booking Form and de- posit.

By arranging the pilgrimage in this way we reduce the ‘costs’ and access cheaper airfares as we will not incur the ‘premium’ added to a group ticket.

I look forward to travelling to the Holy Land with you, it will be a wonderful trip for us all.

Fr. David Borland

*Price of flights will depend on the BA price at time of paying deposit.