1822 | The Catholic population in Ayrshire was growing and was ministered to by visiting priests, Bishop Cameron sent Rev William Thomson to   be the first Parish priest.

1826  | After much petitioning by the Rev William Thomson, the foundation stone was laid for the St Margaret’s.

1827 | The new St Margaret’s church was officially opened.

1895 | A permanent school was opened for the children of St Margaret’s in a new building adjacent to the church.

1930 | St Margaret’s High School opened in Whitletts Road when all classes were transferred from the ‘wee school’ next to the church. This became the church hall.

1978 | The old chapel house was demolished due to the realignment and upgrading of John Street.  A new chapel house was built to the north of the church.

1986 | The Old School Building was raized to the ground to make way for the new church hall.

1989 | The new Church Hall was opened by Provost McNeill.

1999 | Works start on the renovations of St Margaret’s.

2000 | St Margaret’s re opens.  Parishioners Pat Lynch, Mary Godfrey, Lee Galloway and Ken Burrell cut the ribbon.

2007  | Pope Benedict XVI accepted the petition of Right Reverend John Cunningham, the 7th Bishop of Galloway, to move the cathedral seat to St Margaret’s Church, Ayr.