We expect a large number of people to attend Bishop Emeritus Maurice Taylor’s funeral. The diocesan and cathedral offices have worked hard to ensure as many people as possible are able to pay their own respects to Bishop Taylor. 

The cathedral office have arranged with The Salvation Army in Ayr to utilise the worship hall as a secondary location for the Requiem Mass. The Salvation Army has capacity for an additional 250 mourners.  All the faithful from across the diocese and beyond are encouraged to attend. 

The faithful gathered in this location will take full part in the Requiem Mass with live-stream audio and video direct from the cathedral. This will be deacon-led with Eucharist distribution from the Cathedral. There will also be a moment of reflection as the funeral cortege will pause at this location to allow all the gathered mourners the opportunity to pay their own respects before it continues to Ayr Cemetery. 

The cathedral will open approximately two hours in advance of the Requiem Mass, this will allow mourners to pay their respects and take their seats. Once the cathedral has reached maximum capacity volunteers will be on hand to assist visitors to take their seats in the worship hall at the Salvation Army. 

The Mortal Remains of Bishop Emeritus Maurice Taylor will be received into the Cathedral Church of Saint Margaret for the Service of Vigil and Reception on Tuesday 20th June at 6pm

The Requiem Mass will take place in the Cathedral on Wednesday 21st June at 11.30am, when the Principal Celebrant will be Archbishop William Nolan. Arrangements have been made with The Salvation Army in Ayr to provide a deacon led service with video relay to supplement the capacity of the Cathedral. All the faithful from across the Diocese and beyond are invited to attend. 

Interment afterwards at Ayr Cemetery at 1.30pm.  After the interment, refreshments will be served in Western House Hotel.